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At CRAM, our technical capabilities, unique services and pioneering techniques enable us to deliver best-in-class, specialised welding and fabrication services and solutions. We have the capacity and a proven track record of providing our customers with confidence, exceptional value and holistic solutions for projects of all sizes. Suitable for:

  • a wide range of fabrication work in the metal types typically used in Heavy Industry
  • some mechanical overhaul activities.

Fabrication Shop Facility

Structural Steel Fabrication
(Light, Medium & Heavy)

Cram provide support to the the steelmaking industry and have extensive experience with large amount medium and heavy fabrication work.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Cram provides significant fabrication work for power generation, furnace manufacuring and Ports & shipping industries requiring large quantities of products manufactured in stainles steel.

Aluminium Fabrication

Cram have the capability to fabricate and conduct repairs of aluminium structures.

Pipe Fabrication and Tubework

Cram have clients through a number of sectors, including Power generation, steelmaking and mining, our fabrications shop has completed a significant amount of fabrication related to pipework in many materials including mild stell, stainless stell (Gr 304, 316 & SAF 2205), both large and small.

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