Site Services

CRAM delivers a SITE Supervised, Qualified Site-orientated Workforce providing customers a single point of contact for a wide range of engineering and maintenance services.

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CRAM provide high quality labour, both skilled workers and qualified tradesmen, to heavy industry. We are not the average labour hire company in that we specialise in quoting for, and carrying out, contract work.

Our wealth of industry experience is instrumental in understanding our customer requirements including the importance of punctuality, reliability and work efficiency.

We are modern, dynamic, forward thinking in our attitudes and continually strive to improve the efficiency of our sector whilst remaining cost effective.

Welding and Fabrication


CRAM have a strong boilermaking presence with over ten fulltime trade qualified personnel.

Weld inspector

CRAM’s welding inspector has fourteen years trade experience and includes four years as inspector

  • Welding supervisor to AS1796 (Certificate 10) and also AS2214 (Structural)
  • Development and qualification of Welding Specification Procedures to AS1554 (Structural Steel)
  • Development and qualification of Welding Specification Procedures to AS3992 (Pressure Equipment)
  • Qualification of Welding personnel to AS1554 (Structural Steel)
  • Qualification of Welding personnel to AS3992 (Pressure Equipment)
  • Inspection and NDT requirements for repairs on Mining Equipment (AS1554)
  • Inspection and NDT requirements for Structural work
  • Inspection and NDT requirements for Pressure Equipment
  • Guidance and training to welding personnel to ensure compliance with Welding Specification Procedures
  • Preparation of MDR’s (Manufacturing Documents


Mechanical Fitters

CRAM have ten fulltime mechanical fitters on staff.

Pipeline Fitters

CRAM have several ticketed pipe fitters on staff.

Drivetrain Alignment

CRAM have four mechanical fitters who provide this service on a regular basis

Lifting and Rigging


CRAM have three ticketed riggers on staff with experince totalling 60 years


CRAM have eight tradesmen on staff with dogman certification


Confined Space Sentries

CRAM have five fulltime staff with confined space sentry certification

Confined Space Awareness

The majority of CRAM trade staff have this qualification, allowing for the safe and affective execution of work within a confined space.

Trades Assistants

CRAM have two trade’s assistants on staff, one of whom is a qualified rigger

Truck Drivers

Of our many tradesmen, six have truck driving licencing up to a HR classification.

Industrial Cleaners

CRAM have two fulltime industrial cleaners on staff

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