Electro Hydraulic Engineers

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Our electro-hydraulic engineers comprise a dedicated team who specialise in the design and manufacture of electronic control systems to work with servo and proportional valve based hydraulic systems. 

The engineers combine high levels of expertise in hydraulics, electronics, software engineering and analytical capability to provide innovative and efficient hydraulic solutions.  As an independent company we have the freedom to choose from a wide range of hydraulic components to ensure the systems we build are tailored to suit any given application. 

The team designs mechanical equipment and machines that are powered hydraulically and controlled electronically. The inhouse FEA, mechanical and electrical design capabilities enable us to design and develop numerous complete machines used in manufacturing, mining, and a range of other industries. The same skill set has also allowed us to complete many machine and plant upgrade projects

In addition to designing and building Electro-Hydraulic systems we are specialty repairers of hydraulic servo and proportional valves, and gas control valves used in the power generation sector. Our technicians successfully test and repair many hundreds of valves each year, providing certification and calibration to various applicable standards.

  • Star Servo Valves – Australian distributor and repair facility for Star Servo Valves.
  • Delta Motion Controllers – Australian distributor for Delta Motion Controllers.
  • Meggitt – Australian distributor and repair facility for Meggitt.
  • Young and Franklin – Exclusive reseller, distributor and only OEM approved repair facility of Young and Franklin.

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